Ecologs are environmentally friendly, clean, carbon neutral and a convenient alternative to traditional wood, charcoal, and peat. 

In addition, they are highly versatile and can be used in various fireplaces for heating,  indoor and outdoor BBQ’s, fireplaces,  Kamados, Weber-type kettles and woodfired pizza ovens.


Ecologs are a recycled bi product from the Grape Seed Oil manufacturing process and produces high heat and long-lasting coals. 

They’re available in 5kg Boxes & 25kg Bags!

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How to use Eco Fire & Heating Logs

Step 1 Draft

Step 1

Place 2 Eco Logs between 10-15cm apart from each other on a clean and stable surface. Place a firelighter in the middle of the logs. Light your firelighter.

Step 2 Draft

Step 2

Place 3 Eco Logs on top of the first layer with enough space between each log to allow for the flame to burn through.

Step 3 Draft

Step 3

Stack 1 more layer of logs as per Step 2, on top of the second layer to create a small tower.

Step 4 Draft

Step 4

Allow the Eco Logs to reduce to coals as you would using traditional wood or charcoal, and add half logs as needed.