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Eco Logs are eco-friendy logs produced from the compressed grape seeds, a by-product of the cold-pressed method of extracting grapeseed oil for cooking and beauty applications.

No it is not charcoal or wood, but rather an eco-friendly alternative.

You can use any firelighter, however we have found that the Greenlight Firelighter (a paraffin free eco-firelighter works very well.

Eco Logs are ideal for both BBQ and heating. They also work well in pizza ovens, closed combustion heating systems and Weber-type kettles.

One Ecolog can hold coals for approximately 2 hours and longer. Just as Firewood, Charcoal and Peat, any juices from your meats, marinades or other fluids that drip onto the logs/coals will interfere with the coals heat and lifespan.

No – they are produced purely by compression of the remaining grape seeds after cold-pressing them to extract the grape seed oil.

Our Ecologs that are packaged in 5kg boxes, are equivalent to a single bag of traditional wood for BBQ purposes. Just as with wood or charcoal, you would need to determine how much to use depending on what you are BBQing and or Heating, how many guests you have and bearing in mind any wind conditions.

Instructions are provided on the back of the box, but you can also see them on our How To Section 

Ecologs must be stored in a dry place. As they are perfectly shaped, they may be easily packed and do not take a lot of space.

Yes, we are ISO 14021:2016 – Environmental Labels & Declarations – certified.

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