Eco Fire Logs 25kg Bags

Eco Fire & BBQ Logs are an eco-friendly, low carbon and high heating fire alternative to Charcoal, Wood and Peat.

Made from compressed Grape Seeds, with no chemicals or binding agents used during the manufacturing process.

With a calorific value of 21.01mj/kg, 1 Ecolog burns for 1 hour and carries coals for approximately 2 hours and longer with a consistent heat from start to finish.


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Eco Fire & Heating Logs are available in 5 kg & 25kg

  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Recycled
  • No Chemicals
  • No Glues
  • No Residue in flu
  • Low Odour
  • Low Smoke
  • Long Burning
  • High consistent Heat

Ecologs are ideal for BBQ’s, cooking and heating and completely safe to use and versatile.

Can be used in all wood and charcoal BBQ’s, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, Weber’s, Kamados, wood fired Pizza ovens and closed combustion ovens for internal heating.

They are odourless and burn like traditional firewood or charcoal while producing much higher heat and longer-lasting coals!

Storage is essential with this organic product and it is recommended to store these Eco Logs in a dry area away from moisture.

Read more about how to use our eco logs here

Please check our FAQ’s on the link above for more information.

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Weight 25 kg


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